The Hellfire Preachers : Temple of Righteous Sounds

Welcome you to Dark Americana with a Southern Fried Flavour.
Temple of Righteous Sounds | Preston 1
The Hellfire Preachers are a Preston based band playing original material, and if they can’t write it, they find it and transmogrify. Dark Americana with a southern fried twist.

Hellfire Preacher Saloon bar

We don’t think it’s righteous to force people to accept cookies or track their movements on our website – so we don’t do it. We’re about music!

However, we do add some ingredients you may want to know about:

  • A little Guthrie, some Johnny Cash and a liberal sprinkling of Dylan. Added John, Paul, George & Ringo along with an essence of pure country with an added hint of gospel blues; all this wrapped up in a dark americana coating of pure southern fried.

Delicious. Try some today!

Gig Guide

You in need of saving? Do you need some righteous music in your life? Visit a Hellfire Preachers gig near you and pick up some songs in the key of redemption right soon pilgrim.

Beatles Festival 2019 | The Books of John, Paul, George and Ringo

The Hellfire Preachers Singing From The Books of John, Paul, George & Ringo.

Gothic Americana Show Vinyl Tap

The Hellfire Preachers : Gothic Americana Show ON Sunday 20th April @ Vinyl Tap, Preston.

Gothic Americana Show Cann Bridge Ale House

The Hellfire Preachers : Gothic Americana Show ON Sunday 14th April @ Cann Bridge Ale House, Higher Walton, Preston.

Take Your First Step On The Road To Redemption!

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