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The Book Of Dylan

The Book Of Dylan

The Hellfire Preachers – The Bob Dylan Show.

The Bob Dylan Show is a celebration of the music of Bob Dylan. Created by Dave and Matt this show is a tour de force showcasing over 50 years of unparalleled songwriting and music.

Hellfire Preachers LiveDrawing from one of the biggest songbooks ever, the Hellfire Preachers bring their own unique musical settings and arrangements to Bob Dylan’s greatest songs.

A combination of:

  • Guitars,
  • Double Bass,
  • Banjo,
  • Dobro,
  • Mandolin,
  • Lap Steel,
  • Weissenborn
  • and harmonica.

Played in an intimate setting that does justice to Dylan’s musical genius.

From every facet of Dylan’s ever changing musical career the Hellfire Preachers perform the well known songs alongside the deep cuts from the albums that make The Bob Dylan Show a highly entertaining musical experience.